Whether the work is architectural or ornamental; lighting fixtures, furniture or sculpture, Madacsi Studios promotes the idea that blacksmithing is a skilled art and a fine art. Part of our role as craftspeople is to educate present generations to our trades in order to maintain a perpetual respect and desire for handmade work.

Madacsi Studios was developed to offer homeowners, business owners, architects, designers, collectors and gallery owners an opportunity to acquire and add heirloom quality pieces with custom design to their collections. Custom, architectural and ornamental metalworks add value and equity to homes and business. Our work is steeped in American tradition and we relish in the opportunity to share the timeless techniques, to inspire younger generations to maintain perpetual respect and desire for hand crafted and old world arts. 

Our heirloom quality metalworks are investments that will enrich your lifestyle in a way that is supportive of the arts. Custom gates, railings, lighting fixtures, hardware and furniture for homes and buildings will enhance your lifestyle and environment and add value to your spaces. Finely crafted and well-designed home furnishings such as wall hung sculptures and tabletop vessels appeal to collectors and designers. Custom kitchens, fireplaces and hearths, stairways, foyers, gardens and driveways are all issues that architects and designers address, and we work closely with our clients to determine how the art needs to function and exist in its environment, creating custom pieces to fit your lifestyle.